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We worked with Sandy at and could not be happier with the experience. She worked with us to design a custom set of bowling shirts for my daughter's bowling birthday party. Sandy set the design up exactly as requested, was always very responsive, came in under our projected budget and got the shirts to us on a quick turn around. Plus she was a pleasure to deal with on the phone and email. I highly recommend and can tell you that custom bowling shirts for a bowling birthday party really make the party special. Thanks again, Sandy.
Testimonial By: Casey Howard — , New York — 

Highly recommend

I ordered a customized bowling shirt as a Christmas product for my wife. The shirt looked and fit great and my wife loves wearing it. It is has an athletic feel like a high quality golf shirt. My wife doesn't want to wear any other shirt while she is bowling now that she has worn this one. The product looks great and arrived promptly. I highly recommend ordering from this company.
Testimonial By: Adam Bryant


The shirts are totally awesome - you guys did a fantastic job on the logo! The shirts surpass my expectation - thanks very much - you guys ROCK!
Testimonial By: Eric Bechhoefer

Great Product, Great Service!

The shirt I ordered is even better than I thought it would be; good quality fabric, beautiful embroidery work, everything looks great! Special thanks to Sandy Raddue and the whole team for all their help to get this special order to me so quickly! Wonderful. I will most certainly recommend your services to others. Thank you.
Testimonial By: Susan MacDonald — Ottawa, Canada — 

The definition of GREAT customer service

It was a week before Christmas (I know, right?) and I needed a last minute Christmas gift for Grandfather to give my daughter and the pink 50s Two Tone Retro Bowling Shirt was the perfect gift idea.

Called to see if they could change the thread color on one of the logos to make it work better with the shirt color and was told by Sandy, "Sure, we can do that but it would be a miracle if it got there before Christmas. More likely it would arrive sometime before New Year's Day."

"Don't worry about it. Whenever it gets here is fine", I said. But lo and belold, there it was in the mailbox on 12/24 - a really nice, custom bowling shirt for my daughter. She would be thrilled.

This would be a really good customer service story if it ended there; but this is a story about GREAT customer service.

While the shirt really does look nice, there were a few things that weren't _quite_ what I wanted. The front logo and text were on the right side instead of the left, the logo wasn't the thread color I requested, and the text was in the wrong font (similar, but different than what I requested).

I don't consider this a tragedy and it certainly didn't ruin Christmas. People make mistakes and it's unfortunate when it happens to you. It's actually pretty amazing they got _anything_ to me in less than a week. (Don't expect that kind of turnaround - I probably just placed my order at exactly the right time when the planets were all lined up.)

So today I called up Sandy and explained the situation. Her response - "Well, of course I'm gonna make this right." We talked about the mistakes and how it was different from what I wanted. She asked me some additional questions and made sure she knows how to make everything just right. It'll probably take a little longer to receive the replacement but that's okay.

Chances are nothing will be wrong with YOUR order so you may only experience "really good" customer service.

My order was a little trickier than most in the middle of the Christmas rush. But the response I got from Sandy after I told her there was a problem is how I define GREAT customer service. If something does go wrong, THAT's what you can count on.
Testimonial By: JP Honeywell — Chicagoland,  — 

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